Latex Care


● Household oils, mechanical oils, greases and solvents​ can cause serious damage on your latex garments, you should keep them far away!
● Extreme heat​ will melt the latex. (Radiators, candles etc.)
● Sunlight​ will cause discoloration! Especially light colors and transparent will easily stain! Do not expose latex for a longer period into sunlight!
● Water​ and high humidity​ will destroy and discolor the latex. Latex is a natural product and reacts like that, it will rot! So keep it dry and give it enough time to dry after you washed it!
● Metals​ including pennies etc. will stain the latex! Avoid ugly spots and keep the latex away from it!
● Nicotine​ will stain the latex. If you are strong smoker and like to wear white, light colors and transparent then remember to wash your hands in between to avoid ugly yellow spots!
● Sharp objects​ including long fingernails can easy cause holes or rip your latex garment. Just be careful when you put on your clothing!
● Sweat​ will damage in the long term your latex! Salt, water, talc etc. will weaken your latex clothing, obviously nobody can avoid it, but remember to wash it of! So keep it clean!


Your latex will arrive covered in talcum powder - this stops it from sticking to itself and creasing too much while it is being posted. Any creases in the garment will fall out over a day or two once you hang it up on a hanger. To make it nice and shiny you can follow the below instructions...

● Fill your bathtub, sink, or a bucket with hand-warm water, put one or two drops of mild shampoo or castile soap in and wash your latex in it.
● Afterwards rinse it well with clean water, so that no detergent remains. Place it on a hanger (wooden or plastic) and let it dry, inside and outside.
● Make sure to rinse your tub thoroughly before washing your latex, don't want any soap or tub cleaner to get mixed in!


● Easy basics: Dry and Dark! Or well... store it out of the sunlight! Once your favorite latex pieces are 100% dry, store them in a safe place.
● Be careful not to store your latex against other clothing that my have metal accessories that would come in contact with the latex.
● DO NOT STORE colored latex next to nude latex unless there is proper space between the garments.
● We recommend storage of nude, and transparent latex in a garment bag to ensure its delicate color is not stained.


● Lets face it - Latex doesn't look good unless its got that bowling ball shine! We recommend the Vivashine​ product line. (Shiner, Dressing Aid, and Cleaner) or EROS Shine Spray & DressingAid​ - both available on In a pinch ARMORALL​ works well. Of course it Latex Shine isn't exactly the cheapest! But either is having to replace custom made latex clothing ;)
● You can also use a silicone based lube to shine your latex. But do NOT use a water based lube - as this weakens the glue and can cause the garment to fall apart over time.
● PRO TIP​ - No Dressing Aid? if you are having trouble getting into the latex use baby powder to slip right in!